Conference bag include a "maybecamera"

(via ), at the Conference on Computers, Freedom and Privacy, the organizers turned every conference bag into a "maybecamera" replete with its individual dome. For people not aware of it, have a look here to know more about maybecamera... identityblog defines maybecamera as follows:

Steve [Mann of course -nicolas] has taken those little black domes that hide surveillance cameras intended to observe individuals, and used them to make personal surveillance systems that work in the opposite direction (through which the individual can record his treatment by organizations - see the photo at right for an example...) He ups the "anti" by calling them "maybecameras" - maybe they are real, maybe they are on, maybe they are recording, maybe they are broadcasting (he has developed sophisticated mechanisms for broadcasting video images in real time, and assembling them at a base station into wrap-around visual representations which can even be manipulated to edit out unpleasant sights like billboards). Of course, the maybecameras are really a "situationist" intervention, through which everyone starts thinking about many privacy issues.