Share location-annotations with

(via the geowanking mailing-list), a new website to "enable people to share location content":

The goal of PlaceShare is to enable people to easily store information about places and share that information with everyone. The best way to start is to check out the examples or start by creating your own places. PlaceShare supports locations throughout the world. PlaceShare uses the google maps to display locations.

Each location you enter in PlaceShare can be associated with one or more tags like home, "secretbases", "funky_coffee_shops", or whatever else you can dream up. You can also create maps which group together a number of places.

Placeshare allows you to keep your information private if you wish. A couple examples:

  • Add the cool places you have visited on vacation
  • your favorite restaurants, shops, museums, etc

Using the tool is simple:

The way it works is that you enter places via street address or latitude and longitude and then tag the location. Users can then search for other peoples locations based on the tags. The results are displayed via google maps. The site is in beta stage at this point so you will likely see some bugs

Why do I blog this? this kind of project is mixing tagging and user-authored location annotations � la urban tapestries. I would be interested into how the tagging system will evolve and user will make use of it (as in Mauro's project, but with placeshare it's not meant to be used on a mobile device). Another interesting trick here is the the use of google maps for the display of messages. Connected pasta: here I mentioned the applications developed by Fab at our lab about this topic. For those who don't get why would we want to annotate map locations, just read this. Also people interested into how to annotate google maps may have a look here.