eBook reader turned into a Game platform

Dave5 sent me his new project which I found very nice: The Librie as a games machine. The point of the project is to turn an electronic book reader (not a generic computing platform as he points) into a game platform. The trickiest part is to design stuff with the constraints of the device (which is obviously something appealing for engineers and hackers as fab describes).

Dave designed applications like this chess board or Ludo. It's basically a 'universal game board', the designer wanted to investigate how it could be used as a RPGmap display.

Here's what Dave envisions to move away from the eBook reader thing thanks to 4 dimensions:

  1. A greater display area
  2. An ability for the display to know about the pieces placed on it... their type, position and their orientation
  3. A system that allows you to take the information about the pieces and alter the image displayed on the surface
  4. A network connection.

Then this could be used to support news "dimensions to card games like Pokemon and Magic the Gathering" adding RFID tags to the pieces. Let's wait a bit to see what Dave will do in the near future :)