Possible patent for a next Nintendo console pad

Some folks are wondering whether this patent is for the next Nintendo Console "Revolution" (others think it's for the next gameboy).

United States Patent 6,908,388 Shimizu , et al. June 21, 2005 Game system with tilt sensor and game program including viewpoint direction changing feature

Abstract: A game system displaying a three-dimensional game space on a display includes a housing held by a player, a tilt sensor provided on the housing, a viewpoint coordinates determination mechanism for determining viewpoint coordinates in accordance with an output value of the tilt sensor, and a game image generation processing mechanism for generating a game image based on the viewpoint coordinates determined by the viewpoint coordinates determination mechanism. The game system allows the player to feel as if the three-dimensional game space is tilted in accordance with a tilt of a game device, etc., with a minimal processing burden.

Inventors: Shimizu; Takao (Kyoto, JP); Suzuki; Toshiaki (Kyoto, JP) Assignee: Nintendo Co., Ltd. (Kyoto, JP) Appl. No.: 440111 Filed: May 19, 2003

No pictures :( Connected pasta: I already blogged about it here, arguing about possible features.

It might be a fake...