Fursr work: Mr Punch and the Musical Particle Accelerator

New projects of Fursr (the guys who did the painstation). Mr Punch is a very intriguing game:

Disguised as a Punch and Judy Show, Mr. Punch emerges as a crossover between an early automata from the 30ties and a modern videogame: 2 players grab control over mechanical puppets and – by means of lever action – try to knock each others wooden heads off the iron shoulders. The childish nature of the automata provokes a likewise infantile but also agressive behaviour of the players, and when the curtain closes the spectators have had their fun, too!

The interface is pretty neat:

Another project I like is that Ohrwurmbeschleuniger : Musical Particle Accelerator:

The German word „Ohrwurm“ stands for small insects. People believe that they crawl into human ears and start to live there ("earwigs“). But Ohrwurm also stands for a piece of music that you hear and you can’t forget anymore. Melodies that come back into your conciousness when you expect it the least. And you can’t let them go. They are strongly connected with your emotional state and flow of associations.

With the Ohrwurmbeschleuniger you can accelerate the development process of Earworms. You can operate the object like a commercial microwave oven. But instead of putting food into the oven, you have to focus your attention to the „Accelerator-Tube “ at the inside. It is mounted instead of the rotary plate. Using the „Ohrwurmpipette“ (Earworm Pipette) to apply the Earworms to your ear, you can listen to the availabe Earworms. Therefor the Pipette must be very close to the ear. Two of the Earworms must be chosen for the process of acceleration (also referred to as “collision process”). At the outside of the Accelerator-Tube there are microwave-sensors which continuously measure the microwave field. During the process the Accelerator-Tube rotates according to the cooking program chosen. The cooking program also influences the microwave field inside the oven. If you choose for example „defrost“ the Tube rotates slowly and the field is rather weak. If you choose the highest cooking program the Accelerator-Tube rotates very fast and there is a stable 700Watt microwave field generated inside the oven.

A good video about it here. Why do I blog this? those are 2 interesting examples of how the renew 'interactions' with existing technologies. Connected pasta: I already mentionned projects with microwave ovens here (grape racing) and here (weird stuff to do with your microwave).