Makrolab Autonomous Lab

This Makrolab seems interesting:

Makrolab is an autonomous communications, research and living unit and space, capable of sustaining concentrated work of 4 people in isolation/insulation conditions for up to 120 days. The project started in 1994 and was first realised during an art exhbition, documenta X in Kassel in 1997.

The project was started by Marko Peljhan, but has evolved and includes work of many people from many different disciplines. The current setup of the project, the mark II, was designed by the architects Matevz Francic and Aljaz Lavric, the metal work is the work of Joze Miklic. The construction itself was designed already in 1997 and you can find more information on it on the 1997 website.

And what I like here is what they do inside:

Makrolab is equipped to accommodate artists, scientists, tactical media workers and creators and provides them with tools and means for their joint independent progressive work. People in the Makrolab do research primarily in the fields of telecommunicatons, weather systems and migrations on a very wide basis. (...) Science is the field of human activity, where concentrated cognition, coupled with the dialectic of the clear goal and target and the exploration into the unknown is most present. If the methods and systems of art give us freedom, methods and systems of science give us the ability for progression and reflection. 

Why di I blog this? I really like this idea of lab accomodation, in terms of both architectural and lateral/parallel organization. Even though it's supported by national governments, international organisations, private companies and private individuals, it appears really compelling.