Research on Interactive Table at CRAFT

JB is our new research associate just finished the description of his project related to interactive table. It's all described here. The purpose of the project is to design, build and experiment furniture with embedded technology to support casual collaborative learning. Currently there are 3 design that he is working on:

Docking table: Arriving to the table with, or without, your laptop and directly accessing to your account, a shared space, the project portal, ...
Noise sensitive table: Using light patterns reacting from the noise level to provide a feed-back of the conversation dynamic.
Social maps: Using the information collected by the tables to show, on the wall or on the web, some maps of: activity; work areas (social places or silent work area) ; communities (1st year, 2nd year).

Why do i blog this? I am looking forward to see what will emerge from this. My involvement on this project is related to our CSCSW course; as a teaching assistant we may have to test that with our students.