A kit to turn your doberman into a poodle

(via) Careful: Ultra-weird stuff! There is now a kit to turn your angry do into a poodle: Ultra Poodle Disguise Kit for Dobermans™. It's done by attackchi. Here is how it works. First you have to unwrap your kit, let your dog sniff everything.

Besides, the faq is hilarious (Is this an anti-government website? How did Attackchi come up with the disguise kits?). Plus, the further developments are compelling:

A new range called Slimline Disguise Kits™ will be released. These kits will include a fabric body suit that will be connected together with concealed zippers. Suitable for smaller/stockier sized dogs. (...) We also plan to do some online surveys, your help will be needed to gather some data. We may also need clowns that have squeaky shoes (preferably strong and lace up). The survey will be online in the next few days and the results in by late July 2005.