Workshops on Mobile Music Technology follow-up

Lalya brought to my attention that the websites of the 1st and 2nd international workshops on Mobile Music Technology have been updated and now contain paper and poster proceedings, power point presentations and pictures from the workshops + soon on-line reports about the two workshops and possibly notes taken by participants (if they agree to have them on-line):

Why do I blog this? I am not into the field of music technology, however I sometimes have a glance at what they do because there could be relevant connections between locative media, video games and what they do. Besides, it's cool to have follow up to workshop, especially for people who could not attend the workshops ;) Very interesting is also the Ubiquitous Music panel at Siggraph in LA on 1st August. The panel will be moderated by Lars Erik and Atau, and will include Arianna Bassoli, Gideon D'arcangelo, Akseli Anttila, and Lalya Gaye.