MIX-m: mixed space architecture project in Geneva

Christophe from fabric | ch-- sent me this link about their new exhibit: MIX-m.org

MIX-m is a mixed space architecture that exists at the same time in variable and complementary spaces: physical space (Contemporary Art Centre Geneva), digital space (a multi-users and game like environment), networked spaces (distributed over the internet). MIX-m.org exists at different scales. (...) Oscillating and hesitating between black and white, between 2d and 3d, MIX-m.org museum echoes to some historical archetypes: the "white cube" of modern museum as well as the "black box" of video-art installations. It also echoes to some historical "special effects" environments (Tron, before post-processing). Translated into "screen based" or "beamer based" architecture, this white to black condition becomes an over- to under- enlightened situation. Far from a functional intention, it proposes an evolving illumination system connected to the global activity of MIX-m.org server (rate of information). This system exists both in physical (neon light) and digital spaces (virtual light beam). MIX-m.org as mixed museum becomes therefore a variation between architectural types and references, playing with the user's eye and cultural habits.

The exhibit occurs at MAMCO in Geneva.