Foot-based controller without external sensors

Thanks chris for pointing me on this Sensing Gamepad developed at the Interaction Laboratory (Sony CSL) by Jun Rekimoto:Electrostatic Potential Sensing for Enhancing Entertainment Oriented Interactions

This project introduces a novel way to enhance input devices to sense a user's foot motion. By measuring the electrostatic potential of a user, this device can sense the user's footsteps and jumps without requiring any external sensors such as a floor mat or sensors embedded in shoes. We apply this sensing principle to the gamepad to explore a new class of game interactions that combine the player's physical motion with gamepad manipulations. We are also investigating other possible input devices that can be enhanced by the proposed sensing architecture such as a portable music player that can sense foot motion through the headphone and musical instruments that can be affected by the players' motion.

Why do I blog this? it's great to have such an innnovation, allowing your to control games with your feet, without a foot sensor.