Groundscrapers and Subscrapers

Just came across those 2 concepts: Groundscrapers and Subscrapers. It actually the title of a book: "Groundscrapers + Subscrapers of Hamzah & Yeang " (Ivor Richards)

Ken Yeang has made his reputation building the bio-climatically considered skyscraper; more recently he has been discovering the advantages for building horizontally. As the world wakes up to this latest ecological progression Yeang is leading the way. In contrast to the discussions and publications elsewhere on the high-rise work of Ken Yeang, Groundscrapers examines his low-rise, medium-rise and master-planning work, and sets these in context of the work that is being created in the rest of the world. Illustrated thoughout in colour and black and white, it includes many schemes that demonstrate this way of building, as well as a subterranean project - an underground 'skyscraper'.

Groundscrapers and Subscrapers are the antithesis of the environmentally-responsive Skyscrapers that are designed by Ken Yeang. These are eco-medium-rise buidlings, the roof-vegetated underground buildings and the landscape-driven materplans produced by his firms Hamzah & Yeang.

Why do I blog this? I really like these eco-friendly buildings. Connected pasta: I already put stuff about vertical farming here and here (pif farm in a skyscraper)

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