Computers in Entertainment new issue

The last issue of ACM's Computers in Entertainment is finally released (a july issue released in august :) ). It has a very insightful section about pervasive gaming. Here are authors and titles:

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  • Pervasive games: bringing computer entertainment back to the real world by Carsten Magerkurth, Adrian David Cheok, Regan L. Mandryk, Trond Nilsen
  • The Drop: pragmatic problems in the design of a compelling, pervasive game by Ian Smith, Sunny Consolvo, Anthony LaMarca
  • Albert in Africa: online role-playing and lessons from improvisational theatre by Ken Newman
  • Sports over a distance by Florian 'Floyd' Mueller, Stefan Agamanolis
  • Atomic actions -- molecular experience: theory of pervasive gaming by Bo Kampmann Walther

Why do I blog this? even though this is not an exhaustive review of what is going around in pervasive gaming, the section is very relevant. I found the first paper as the most interesting since it gives a pertinent overview of the field ranging from "smart toys, affective games, tabletop games, location-aware games, and augmented reality games". I really like Trond Nilsen's work (already explained here9 as well as what Adrian David Cheok does at his lab in Singapour.

Besides, there are also 2 papers I found interesting, the one by Nicolas Duchenaut I already blogged about as well as another one that concerns a model for evaluating player enjoyment in games by Penelope Sweetser, Peta Wyeth (which I found relevant for my work with video-game companies)

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