Innovation and sex

Yes, porn/sex stuff are a driving force with regard to innovation/technologies. There is a recent article about this in New Scientist entitled "Why we all need pornography" by Annalee Newitz.

Porn fans are the driving force behind technologies that we might one day all rely on to protect our identity THE makers of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas are facing an investigation by the US Federal Trade Commission after it emerged that explicit sex scenes were hidden inside the popular game's software.(...) But it is not the first time technology has been used to offer people a sneaky peek at sex. The "adult entertainment" industry embraced video cassettes, DVDs and the web more quickly than its mainstream counterparts because these media are tailor-made for private viewing. Consumers eager for a glimpse of skin, but afraid of being found out or of being spotted in a seedy blue-movie cinema, helped drive the demand for more of these technologies.

Why do I blog this? I am intererested in the domain that drives innovation, video games play a a huge role in this but sex is definitely important too. There is no judgement in this statement, I think it's just a fact. The french minitel worked pretty well because of that for instance ("le minitel rose"). I don't know is some people investigate this issue; there should be lot of things to tackle like ranging from how it can create business models to the specific products/technologies that can be invented to fulfill users' needs (and later which could be transfered to other domains)...

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