Instant Office Concept

(via), in an article by Mark Dixon called Office of the Future, there is the concept of 'instant office':

Regus operates what it calls "instant offices" -- business centers around the world that are fully furnished, fully equipped, and fully staffed. They are available by the hour, the day, the week, the month, or the year -- wherever and whenever a customer chooses. "You can be up and running in Beijing as soon as you step off the plane," says Bob Gaudreau, 38, who's responsible for the U.S. side of the operation. According to Regus, the logic of real estate should correspond to the new logic of business itself. So renting a Regus office is as fast and as easy as renting a car. In fact, the one-page rental agreement is modeled after the contract that car-rental companies use. "We've made property a fast-moving commodity, just like a can of Coke," says Gaudreau. "There's no capital expenditure, the office is completely furnished, and customers decide how long they'll stay."