The Memory Wall

(via and regine), The memory wall a project developed by Jason Bruges

Working in collaboration with architect, Kathryn Findlay, the interactive installations are the only integrated artworks created for the hotel [Puerta America Hotel] and will be a permanent part of the 8th floor lobby and corridors. Memory Wall shown here is integrated into the lobby space and interacts with individuals passing by.

The Guardian has a good piece about it:

At the Hotel Puerta América, a cast of starry international designers - half of them British or British-based - has been commissioned by the Spanish hotel group, Hoteles Silken, to design an entire floor each (28 rooms, two suites, plus corridor and landing).

Jason Bruges's amusing Memory Wall picks up the colours of your clothes - in the rooms, there's more good clean white fun. The architect hopes the cantilevered beds and feature baths will tempt guests to be a bit raunchy. Carry on up the design hotel? Blushing, I move on.

The article explains what happened on the other floor, it's amazingly rich!