Art/Military happenings

Today I was in Lyon, France and I saw this intriguing art happening (meant be part of the 'Biennale d'Art Contemporain', an contemporary art festival). There is this military truck with a huge missile on it wandering around through the city. I did not have my digital camera but I found a picture of it in the free newspaper '20 minutes' (photo B. Amsellem/20 minutes):

It's actually a piece of art from Wang Du, a chinese artist based in Paris described by 'the' as 'has been recognised as a master of manipulating images related to the mass media. He is an iconoclastic hero in re-appropriating and deconstructing the spectacular images of our contemporary society founded upon the logic of creation, consumption and manipulation of information, both textual and imagery...". With this kind of happening I am sure he is reach his goal. The written information on the truck are things like 'Do we have to be scared?'.

It reminds me this french artist called EastEric who painted a tank in pink during the night one or two years ago shocking military-friendly people from the village where it happened: