Duct tape is my life?

Just ran across this post by Jussi Angesleva in which is referring to many applications of duct tape. I am crazy of duct taped stuff (as you may know) - besides I am also crazy of Jussi's work, I don't post much things he did here because a certain belgian person living in italy always do so faster than me. So let's go back to duct tape. There are some interesting stories on the 3M website like:

  • An Edmonton man duct taped his entire car
  • Apollo 13 astronauts used it for repairs and the Apollo 17 astronauts to keep dust off the lunar rover’s fenders; it is now policy to have a roll on every space shuttle mission [wasn't it some duct tape on the space shuttle lately?]
  • Wrap pieces around your fingers to protect your skin when working with interlocking brick or stone
  • Make fashion statements: wallet, purse, belt, tie, hat, umbrella with a matching raincoat
  • Secure items for transportation home from your local building centre

Of course pictures are tremendously interesting too, like this hammock which is - as for me - one of the best in the world (especially because there is a television involved!):