Remarks and notes after my paper presentation

Yesterday I presented the results of the CatchBob! experiment at the french HCI conference. Afterwards I had a relevant discussion with Pascal Salembier about it. His main remarks/questions were:

  • Apart from the low reliability (+ high subjectivity) of the NASA-TLX method (evaluation of task load), why do I need this kind of index for my study? He was quite skeptical/dubious about using this sort of information and found it was not really relevant in that context. My answer is that I found it interesting to know how the player evaluates the task load in mobile activities + as a verification that not using the location awareness tool is not detrimental in terms of physical/cognitive load.
  • What would be a field/task I could use to generalize my findings? air-net from intuilab seems to be interesting (displays of all the persons on the airport roads, no studies about how it's used)
  • Some graphics displays some dispersions that might be explained by the articulation of my qualitative/quantitative data: it's the case: the number and the content of strategy message is an important factor