Sew, knit, and crochet conductive fibers

Leah Buechley (a colleague of Enwanua) seems to be doing marvellous stuff with jean fabric/embroidered wires to introduce young girls to circuit theory as they sew, knit, and crochet conductive fibers, LEDs, switches and resistors unto denim and other fabrics. I liek this idea very much!

We recently (3/12/05) ran a workshop where young girls became familiar with the basics of electronic circuits as they sewed conductive thread, LEDs and switches unto denim. The picture shows tiny LEDs and a microchip sewn unto denim. The embroidered wires wrap around conductive fabric that take signals to and from electronic components. Power is provided via the snaps on the left, allowing the wearer to instantly snap on such electronic craft unto t-shirts, for instance. The movie depicts a two-cycle blinker from Conway's "Game of Life"