Ubiquitous Computing and rapid prototyping

The last issue of IEEE Pervasive Computing is presenting the recent advances in applying rapid prototyping to ubiquitous systems development. The special issue is based on the assumption that

because ubicomp scenarios often consist of different undeveloped components, a complete implementation might be impractical, and a partial implementation can’t show the full potential. This presents a dilemma, particularly in research and early development, because researchers and developers must concentrate on their specific area to advance technology rather than expend effort on broad system-implementation issues. This dilemma can be partially overcome by rapidly prototyping the whole system while focusing most of the engineering, design, and evaluation effort on the specific area of interest working, letting us clearly assess a new development.

Why do i blog this? The special issue describes different approaches ranging from Wizard of Oz to sophisticated cognitive modeling approaches/fidelity prototyping approaches. Overall, it's a nice recap of some of the bleeding edge projects lately developed.

More about some of those papers later on.