A house out of a 747

The WSJ has an intriguing story (by Alex Frangos) about an architect who designed a house out of an cut-apart and junked 747 airplane.

Her architect had an idea: Buy a junked 747 and cut it apart. Turn the wings into a roof, the nose into a meditation temple. Use the remaining scrap to build six more buildings, including a barn for rare animals. He made a sketch. (...) "We are trying to use every piece of this aircraft, much like an Indian would use a buffalo," says Mr. Hertz. (...) The wings of the old 747 will rest on thick concrete walls, forming the roof of a multilevel main house. Other pieces will be used to assemble an art studio, a loft and a barn to house rare domestic animals.

The picture below is taken from the architect website:

Is it a cradle-to-cradle oriented design?! I like it anyway