WiFi surveillance tool: WiFi Watchdog

WiFi Watchdog is a server-based software that detects, monitors and secures 802.11-based wireless networks (WLANs). According to the website, it's meant to "enforce "No Wi-Fi" policies as well as integrate with any existing Wi-Fi equipment to stop the increasing number of security threats not addressed by authentication, encryption or VPNs.". Here are some the features:

WiFi Watchdog creates a virtual location-based firewall around facilities and prevents unauthorized access from attackers attempting to break into a 802.11 WLAN using high-gain antennas, spoofed MAC addresses, broken encryption keys, stolen credentials, and stolen devices.

distinguishing true rogue devices in your building from nearby devices that are outside your facilities, eliminating volumes of false-positives signaled by other wireless IDS tools. WiFi Watchdog immediately identifiies the precise physical location of any unauthorized access points, ad-hoc networks, or soft access points within your facilities

WiFi Watchdog's flexible alerting architecture provides extensive intrusion detection capabilities. WiFi Watchdog identifies and locates an array of wireless attacks including MAC Spoof, MAC Storm, Man-In-The-Middle and Denial of Service attacks. Alerts identify the physical location of the source of the attack.

Here is the interface to manage this WiFi surveillance:

Their point is that "WiFi Watchdog Restores the Walls ":

Why do I blog this? even though I don't like this wifi boundaries thing, the tool seems to be interesting in terms of the data you can extract to understand how WLAN networks are used in physical places; relevant visualization might be computed from that. From what I saw it seems to be possible to have some histograms and pie charts that depicts information like channel usage or devices locations.