A day in Zürich

I spent the day in Zürich for different things. I briefly attended Tweakfest 2005, an art/culture conference about creative potential of Zürich (a.k.a downtown Switzerland). It's interesting to see that after Richard Florida's take, lots of cities are jumping into the 'creative' bubble (i.e. being aware that there are 'creative' jobs and making connections between them + being creative-friendly). Anyway, some good notes on blog.invisible.ch that I just ran across. At the ETH, I also had a meeting with Morten Fjeld (Associate Professor at IDC, Chalmer University in Götenborg, Sweden) who presented me his new lab: t2i (TableTop Interaction Lab). He came out with this interesting manifesto, showing me videos of their work up there:

The use of the tabletop as an input/output device is an exciting and emerging domain of computer systems. This is a cross disciplinary domain. An example set of combining areas are as follows: projector based display systems, augmented reality, user interface technologies, multi-modal interactions, CSCW, and information visualization. The t2i Lab at Chalmers TH sets out to explore such areas as applications for tabletop displays, gesture-based interfaces, tangible interfaces, haptic rendering, information visualization, and horizontal display hardware; all for tabletop displays. The t2i Lab brings together a select group of talented students and researchers with a common interest and commitment to the construction and exploration of tabletop interaction.

Morten gave me some pointers, ideas about CatchBob! and some folks I might contact around Lausanne. One of the topic we discusses is the use of Petri Nets used for cognitive modeling (that could be an option for modeling coordination in catchbob, the only problem is to find 'states' in my case).

Then I visited the cool folks of Kaywa (a bleeding-edge blog company in Switzerland), the point was to meet them, briefly exchanging some bits and pieces about our respective work + talking about specific issues I won't mention here.