A Tree Gaming Controller Unit

Via Gamasutra Esoteric Beat Clumn: This "lumberjacked" game controller is amazing!!!

Lumber jacked! is a computer game that is played with trees. Using the 'Tree Gaming Controller Unit' the human player takes the role of a lumberjack while your tree friend can play the part of the super tree.

You are armed with an axe but it is your choice if you use it . Your tree has control over the super tree which can move around the plantation avoiding you and your axe and giving birth to new saplings.

Simply attach the T.G.C.U. to your tree of choice and start to chop or if you are a tree lover just have a wander around your plantation,. enjoy the weather and let your tree live and produce generations of trees.

The most interesting part of it is the tree controlelr unit:

This piece of equipment makes it possible to play Lumberjacked! against a tree. The ivy leaves, pictured below, are attached to the ends of branches. Each leaf hides a vibration sensor which picks up movement in the tree and translates that movement to the game through an adapted game controller concealed within the pot.

Why do I blog this? I really like this sense of 'intangible interaction', vibration-controlled. Is this 'calm technology'? ;)