Notes about spatial features in Japan

Two weeks ago, Matt Tiessen wrote this thoughtful post about spatial concerns in the city of Lyon, France. Wandering around in Japan, I tried to adopt the same perspective to briefly describe some intriguing phenomenon related to space and culture in Japan.

  • my first impression was the tremendous importance of bridges, viaduct, raised highways. Since Japan is an archipelago, there was a need to connect island, which is reflected by this importance of such structures.
  • another strikening feature is that fact that places and things are smaller: especially bathrooms, tables/chairs, ceilings, hotel rooms, appartments.
  • this morning I also notices an intriguing phenomenon: there are intersitial spaces between buildings as seen on the picture below. This might be due to earthquake prevention (to avoid waves propagation?).

intersititial space

  • There are no street names but they seem to refer to areas or blocks