Ubiquitous-Computing System for Learning Japanese Polite Expression

Tonight, Hiroaki Ogata will present their paper about an ubiquitous-computing system for learning japanese polite expression. I think it's going to be close to the demo we had at CRAFT when he visited us last year. At that time he showed us 2 systems:

JAPELAS (Japanese polite expressions learning assisting system). This system provides learner the appropriate polite expressions deriving the learner’s situation and personal information. (...) JAPELAS provides the right polite-expression that is derived from hyponymy, social distance, and situation through the identification of the target user and the place.

The second system is called TANGO (Tag Added learNinG Objects) system, which detects the objects around learner using RFID tags, and provides the learner the educational information.

In those projects, the context (room for instance) is detected using RFID tag and GPS.