New interaction design lab

Interaction-Design Lab is a new lab in Milano (started by former-Interaction Design Institute from Ivrea):

We are a group of people from different disciplines and countries. We explore interactivity with objects and spaces, telling stories and creating experiences. Our main tools are simple: ready-made technologies, recycled, re-usable, light, off-the-shelf ingredients.

We are interested in designing the present. Our interpretation of interaction design is wide – as the only current way to think about design. The dialog is what interest us the most.

We combine in our activities a strong conceptual level, a process of crafting, commercial value for us and our clients, and a big emphasis on communication. Noting that concept, crafting, commerce and communication all start with c, we’ve named these: “the four Cs”: Concept - Commerce -Communication - Craft

Look at their first project called 999 cards!