Some more thoughts about location-awareness (of others) and position sharing

As Fabien points out, the MapQuest FindMe (integrated with AIM) is a clever service that allow users to use manual sharing of one's position. Which is one of the guidelines that would emerge from our CatchBob! experiments. Self-disclosing one's location seems to emerge as a good trend now, both in the real world of services and the academic world of research as in those papers:

Both paper advocate for self-disclosure of location. They rely on different approach to come up with this recommendation. Benford's paper has a qualitative approach and is more focused on users' thoughts. Whereas ours is more mixed-methods (quantitative methods dominant though), it proposed the same idea because of the underwhelming effects of automatic location-awareness on how people collaborate. Another paper for a conference about 'designing for collaboration' will deal with this issue.

I am still digging this issue of location-awareness on collaboration, working on both asynchronous location awareness and the importance of letting people express their own strategy.