Gullivers Welt interactive table

Kai pointed me on this interactive table showed last year at the ars electronica center in linz, austria: Gullivers Welt (in german, information in english here). It's a project carried out by a good team led by Christopher Lindinger.

Gulliver’s World thematicizes the relationship between virtual and material reality, and the reality that is a blend of these two components (...) This set-up is also a multi-user mixed reality system, and one that has been confronting visitors from wide variety of backgrounds on a daily basis ever since. From its very inception, Gulliver’s Box was conceived as an experimental platform on which new interfaces and approaches to interaction could be tested in a laboratory setting as well as in actual use with the general public. But in spite of the installation being a prototype, Gulliver’s Box developed into one of the top attractions at the Museum of the Future