Yet Another Cool Gum Removal Machine

I think gum-removal technology is one my new favorite weird-tech-focus (after street cleaning vehicles and bathroom tech). The Gum Wizard is interesting for that matter: there is a vacuum to evacuate residues. It falls in the category of the "LIQUID gum remover".

The Gum Wizard - simultaneously applies steam, pressure and water-base chemical to soften and lift gum wads off any hard surface. The chemical CGR1000 used in the machine, along with the 1 3/4 inch brush, completely emulsifies and lifts the gum off the surface in just seconds. There is also a vacuum to pick up any residue and excess moisture. The machine can also be used for baseboard cleaning, sanitizing hard surfaces without chemical, graffiti removal, degrease kitchen floors and oven hoods, removing mold and mildew, and much more.

Why do I blog this? I found intriguing those extra-uncool machines, what is often interesting is how they are advertised with weird mottos like "Fantastic Values", "Helps Resist Scale Buildup!", "The difference is like night and day!!" (double mark!).