Jan Chipchase and blogjects

Jan's blogpost about Traces of events is very well-connect to our blogject workshop:

In our perfect future we can accurately track everything - the exact location, temperature, who and what is in proximity for how long, the information that was exchanged - every last minute detail. Some of this data could help ensure that your luggage arrives in tip-top condition, in the right place and on time. Or not. You land in a new country and immigration doesn't only check your luggage, it checks the history of your luggage. (...) It's 2012- your luggage in the hold of the plane and can communicate with the other luggage. What would they say to one another? Would they even speak the same language?

Why do I blog this? this is what we discussed last wednesday: traces are one of the feature of blogjects and indeed luggages could be an interesting examples.