Chuck Norris-esque Wow items

The Wow item creator (designed by Krigaren) seems to be a good way for Chuck Norris fans to express themselves in MMORPG worlds. There are indeed various norris-esque tool such as:

  • The Orange dagger of mighty Norris: Use: You become famous, shiny and every female elves all around just take their clothes off and throw them at your feets. Equip: Make you look like Chuck Norris
  • The Eye of Chuck Norris: Call forth the eye of chuck Norris to Roundhouse kick your ennemies. Equip: 50% Chance for an ennemy to flee at the sight of the Eye of Chuck Norris. Equip: 100% Chance when In melee for the eye to say " HOW DARE YOU LOOK AT CHUCK NORRIS ???" Equip: 20% chance to call Chuck norris to your aid

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