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Basel Action Network

BAN is the world's only organization focused on confronting the excesses of unbridled free trade in the form of “Toxic Trade” (trade in toxic wastes, toxic products and toxic technologies) and its devastating impact on global environmental justice. Working at the nexus of human rights and environment, we confront the issues of environmental justice at a macro level, preventing disproportionate dumping of the world's toxic waste and pollution on our global village's poorest residents. Further, we promote sustainable and just solutions to our consumption and waste crises.

One argument - among others - in favor of their action:

A sea of television housings, cathode ray tubes, computers, monitors and other imported electronic waste not salable at the Alaba market in Lagos, Nigeria, is dumped here in a nearby swamp.© Basel Action Network 2005

Why do I blog this? it's good to understand the dark side of IT...