Wearable mobile communication and safety device

Via Medgadget, this wearable mobile communication and safety device for the elderly and for those prone to getting lost:

Sound the alarm, locate and communicate. Anytime, anywhere. That´s the key to Tadiran LifeCare´s SKeeper™ - a "peace of mind" product line designed to make life easier and safer for elderly, chronically ill, children or lone workers, as well as for their relatives and caregivers. (...) Using its built-in speakerphone, SKeeper™ enables cellular voice calls to be made to pre-defined numbers (e.g. a relative or a family doctor) or to be received from any caller or from the remote monitoring center when in need. Text messages (SMS) can be sent to the remote center or to relatives in case of an emergency. (...) SKeeper™ can take advantage of mobile operators´ location-based services, so that in the event the user wanders outside a specified zone (e.g. a neighbourhood or a school area), the system can immediately alert the monitoring center and/or send a SMS message to another mobile phone. Future versions of SKeeper™ will be GPS-enabled to provide a greater level of security. (...) Many of the device´s functions, such speed dialing numbers, authorized callers or preset text messages can be remotely programmed by the monitoring center or by the users or their authorized relatives via a Web-based interface.

Why do I blog this? the tool seems interesting and useful, the remotely-controlled interface is somehow innovative and the global design is fancy. But hey when I see this device, my first impression is not about a elderly person tracker but rather a game platform without any screen! A device that can allow people to collect objects around in cities, or trace gps drawings, having a pokecon application (there is a Built-in Cellular Speakerphone in this device!)...