Contextual Flickr Uploader: a step towards a camera blogject

Transcripting the notes from the blogject workshop, I connected the first project (a blogject camera) to a contextual flickr uploader Chris recently sent us: the Context Watcher developed by a team led by Johan Koolwaaij:

The Context Watcher is a mobile application developed in Python, and running on Nokia Series 60 phones. Its aim is to make it easy for an end-user to automatically record, store, and use context information, e.g. for personalization purposes, as input parameter to information services, or to share with family, friends, colleagues or other relations, or just to log them for future use or to perform statistics on your own life. The context watcher application is able to record information about the user's:

  • Location (based GPS and/or GSM cell based)
  • Mood (based on user input)
  • Activities and meetings (based on reasoning)
  • Body data (based on heart and foot sensors)
  • Weather (based on a location-inferred remote weather CP)
  • Visual data (pictures enhanced with contextual data)

See the example here: for instance on this blogpost, the content is made up of a picture and contextual elements: I visited Enschede (43.9%) and Glanerbrug (56.1%), mainly Home (56.2%) and Office (42.4%). I met lianne.meppelink (30.2%). My maximum speed was 23.0 km/h.

Why do I blog this? this application is definitely one step towards having blogject. It achieves the first part of the process, which is about having an object that grasps contextual elements (the second would be to let objects have conversations) and upload then on the web.

What is impressive is " I met lianne.meppelink (30.2%)": the fact it can notice the presence of others, this is another good step for a blogject world.