Query species on the web

It's funny that I found two links to this iSpecies in the last fives minutes (one on and the other on a google watchlist). It is a species search engine led by Roderic Page. You can query species and the data displayed are generated "on the fly" by querying other data sources:

iSpecies uses web services to talk to source databases, extract data, and assemble a page for each species. The code makes extensive use of XML. Essentially, each web service returns XML in one form or another, and I use and XSL style sheets to transform the result into HTML. (...) iSpecies queries NCBI using the Entrez Programming Utilities. It uses ESearch to look up a taxon name then, if the name is found, uses ESummary to get basic statistics on what NCBI holds for that taxon. (...) iSpecies uses Yahoo's Image Search web service to find up to five images for the query term. (...) This uses a Perl script I created to search Google Scholar. The script screen scrapes Google Scholar, extracts references and identifiers (such as DOIs and PubMed identifiers), then returns the results in RDF.

They have a blog about it.

Why do I blog this? this is somehow a search engine for blogjects, or they should add a new feature: connecting this to a near real-time animal track...