Research Bible

This book is a very resourceful manual about research methodologies (not only data gathering techniques but also about literature review and writing tips): On research methods, by Järvinen Pertti; Opinpaja Oy 2004

This book is intended to give a holistic view of on research methods. The main contribution is a classification of reserch approaches presented in an introductory chapter. In order to teach reaserch work there are at least two alternatives. First, to train students in use of one general method, e.g. survey, or secondly, to allow students define their research exercise problems themselves. We chose the latter. The students in a particular reserch course often select problems requiring different research methods. We then many times got real applications of the most research approaches, altogether five ones (chapter-2-6). When a researcher or student is aware of many different research approaches she can better evaluate and utilize research reports produced by other researchers.

The number of research methods is large. To this end we cannot give advises in detail. We wish that the report in its present form could help a reader to find the right method and to get references to essential sources with detailed instructions

Why do I blog this? I am interested in tips/ideas to structure the research practices; maybe it's because I am reaching the end of the phd process but I feel the need of structuring what I did in the last 3 years...