Workshop about Human-Robot Interaction

In the context of the Human Robot Interaction HRI2005 conference, there is an intriguing workshop about "HRI Young Researchers Workshop". Some of the topics addresses there that I find interesting to my research practices:

  • Lilia Moshkina - Experimenting with Robot Emotions: Trials and Tribulations
  • Julie Carpenter - Exploring Human-Centered Design in Human-Robot Interaction
  • Sara Ljungblad - Developing Novel Robot Applications for Everyday Use
  • Users: What do we need to know about them?
  • Marek Michalowski - Engagement and Attention for Social Robots
  • Kristen Stubbs - Finding Common Ground: A Tale of Two Ethnographers, Seven Scientists, Thirteen Engineers, and One Robot

Why do I blog this? this kind of topic are important in the sense that it will eventually lead to some issues raised by interactive toys, video games merge with toys and of course the blogject concept... I am interested in experiences and field studies about robots (not really about affective behavior but rather how the robot might disrupt human activities/sociocognitive processes or the spatial issues related to the robot/human interactions)