Cow data and geolocation of a three-legged poodle

Help Jed Berk finding ideas about what to do with peculiar geographical data generated by wherifywireless:

Write him there: berk (at) artcenter (dot) edu

If you're curious about what jed berk does with animal data, have a look at his project COWdata:

This is an ongoing project, begun in 1995. The idea was conceived while standing in a cow field, thinking of my self as a cow. What emerged is a documentation of a peripatetic bovine, calmly observing life, as it is, in our global environment. The project represents a study in time and is added to on a continual basis. Over the course of the past ten years a considerable archive has been achieved. I used the data to help realize patterns within the data to help determent new direction(s) for the future of the project. (...) My first consideration in gathering this data was to find a way to organize the documentation of the cow photos. I tuned to flickr, an online photo management and sharing application; that offers a good tool set for organizational purposes. (...) -Time line (10 years) or in parts -Behavior, tendencies and narratives -About the herd -The time when pictures are not taken -The places they go -Night picture vs. daytime -Time of year (seasonal) -Favorites -Participants in the project (other people contributing photos) -Geographic location -Dates of travel -Patterns of recurrence, -The unknown images?

Then he investigated the relationship between the horizon lines in relation to the placement of cows.