EU research project that focuses on "Mobile Entertainment Industry and Culture"

The mGain project is a FP6 EU research project that focuses on "Mobile Entertainment Industry and Culture".

What constitutes mobile entertainment? Our approach is inclusive instead of restrictive, including all entertainment delivered through a mobile device, whether it be a mobile phone, a personal digital assistant or a handheld gaming device. This way we can address the foreseeable convergence of the various mobile technologies. Examples of such mobile entertainment include but are not restricted to mobile games, music, video and gambling.

The mGain study project has six connected objectives:

  • To understand mobile entertainment concepts and culture, including legal and social aspects of mobile entertainment.
  • To understand possibilities and restrictions of existing and emerging mobile entertainment technologies (including wireless communication and handheld devices).
  • To understand the business models of the emerging mobile entertainment industry.
  • To benchmark the European situation with North America and Asia-Pacific.
  • To provide guidelines for industry and policy makers, including instruments and incentives needed to encourage implementation of the guidelines.
  • To provide input for preparation of Framework Programme 6 in the areas of mobile entertainment services and technologies.

Why do I blog this? this project targets interesting and pertinent questions. Some documents are available on-line, they provide very good insights about the European players, business models, the technology involved and what is at stake. Check the Mobile entertainment State-of-the-Art for instance. This is a nice complement of the iPerg project which looks at different questions and is more related with pervasive gaming.