GPS/Wifi roboduck fleet for marine sensing and sampling

Roboduck is a project led by Gaurav S. Sukhatme. It's actually a fleet of robotic air boats which serve as a test bed for evaluating algorithms including bacterial navigation for marine sensing and adaptive sampling.

There is a need to provide a platform for better monitoring and sampling in Marine environments. Such a platform should be able to withstand the highly dynamic nature of such an environment as well as cope with its vastness. The platform should be simple and easily scalable. A platform of this type would provide the scientists an invaluable tool in order to further the marine research by monitoring phenomena of biological importance. As part of our research, we are building a fleet of autonomous roboducks (robotic air boats) for in-situ operation (data collection and analysis) in marine environments. The platform would support a variety of sensor suites and at the same time be easy to operate. It can operate in both exploration mode and intelligent mode. It can also collaborate (via communication) with other entities (sensor nodes) in the local neighborhood making intelligent decisions.

Why do I blog this? this is close to the blogject idea (context-aware device + sensors). It's an example of a network of object sensors, useful in the marine context.