Internal/external memory

While reading studies-observations board topic about "what's the most "everyware" thing available today?", I thought about the importance of USB keys. But here what interest me is less the pervasiveness (or the non-ubiquity) of this objet but rather the fact that lots of people carry a bag of external of knowledge with them. What is even more amazing is often WHERE it's carried: with a necklace.

It's funny seeing people carrying out "their external memory" with a necklace, there is an intriguing connection between this fashionable trend and the fact that this external prothesis is close to the mouth (where we somehow express information through language):

I put the "so-called" thing because the notion that memory is in people's brain is somehow passé given the situatedness of cognition (as well as some phenomenological theories).

Why do I blog this? well... I thought the connection was funny enough to be raised.