Research taxonomy by Jarvinen

In How to select an appropriate research method in ergonomic studies? by Jarvinen is very insightful paper describing research methods that could be valuable in my work about HCI/CSCW. The paper provides a taxonomy

the research approaches is first divided into two classes, one or both are then divided again into two subclasses etc. (...) Two classes are based on whether the research question refers to what is a (part of) reality or does it stress on utility of an innovation, usually an artefact (something made by human beings). (...) To analyze our research question we can apply our taxonomy (Figure 1) to the question above and find that the question concerns a research work, i.e. a part of reality. In the further more detailed analysis of our research question we find that term 'appropriate' refers to utility, and hence we can decide that our research question concerns either innovation building or innovation evaluation. We do not yet have anything to evaluate, but we must build it, in this case we must build some method, procedure or algorithm to select an appropriate research method.

Why do I blog this? because I feel like this expresses a nice framework about the research projects I am carrying out.