Easy mobile-robots for PC enthusiasts

WhiteBoxRobotics is a group of visionaries that aims at becoming an industry leader and innovator of PC based mobile robotic platforms for the entertainment, educational, and personal robotics industry.

White Box Robotics is setting the standard for an entirely new category within the mobile robotics industry. The company will deliver unprecedented value to enthusiasts, educators and OEM's through its PC-BOT platform. Our mission is to develop networked mobile robotic platforms that empower people by eliminating the difficult learning curve typically associated with building robots. (...) This technology allows anyone with a rudimentary understanding of assembling or upgrading PCs to build this new species of robot. The 9-series PC-BOT is a new and open standard which allows us to customize on a common platform, using mature, off-the-shelf parts. (...) The 914 also features integrated capabilities like vision-based navigation, object recognition, speech synthesis and speech recognition - all in an easy-to-use yet powerful point-and-click graphical user interface.

Check their manifesto on their blog.

Why do I blog this? I like this idea of easy access to assemble one's own robot.