About toilet usability

Yes that's a field too! I ran across this interesting blogpost about it.

Forget web sites and technology interfaces for a minute. What about public bathrooms? They generally rank high on the "suck meter" for usability and customer experience. Here are just a few common irritants:

Horrid stall doors with locks that never seem to work Hand dryers that wouldn't blow an eyelash of your skin Toilet and sink sensors that play hit or miss games Soap dispensers that reguarily fail and clog Small, narrow, wall-mounted garbage bins overflowing with trash Double roll vice-grip dispensers that will not dispense the T.P. Banked sink counters, which collect puddles of water that: --> Dampen your personal property if you set it down --> Dampen your pants if you lean in to wash your hands Airport bathroom stalls too narrow for a person and a roll-aboard

Now, I am presenting my next complaint largely from the perspective of "a sitter." I'm sure you "standers" have your own bathroom usability problems, and I don't paricularily want to know what they are. However, even the standers need to sit eventually, and I am sure all of us want to know the answer to this question:

Who was the braniac that invented the gigantic roll of one-ply toilet paper?!

Why do I blog this? well it's sort-of a way to show that user experience of technology is broader than some folks expect it to be.