Photographing every object used since 2003

A very curious project by Alberto Frigo (professor at the Art and Technology department at the Gothenburg University). Since September 24th, this articts has photographed every object he has used. His purpose is to compile the unique code of different objects an individual uses throughout his life. The digital archive is here but he also printed his pictures: all of the images of a month on paper tablatures of 815x315 mm, each row being a day. The result is long-lasting The estimated numbers of tablatures at Frigo's death would be of 600, a strip of 500 meters. Here is the way it works:

1_During a life-event every object* the dominant-hand uses is photographed once and while used. 2_If an object of the same type is the following to be used, this object is not photographed unless the life-event changes. 3_A life-event changes as soon as the dominant-hand uses a different object in a different space. ALBERTO FRIGO, 2003/09.24 *Every artifact that is graspable, consistent and independent.

Why do I blog this? it's an impressive way of collecting a huge load of information, documenting an individual's life. What is interesting is the way this pictures are organized (try to click on the picture on his webpage): the connections between images are intriguing and it's funny to find the common pattern between them. It might be the outcome produced by camera blogject...