Wanderer: continuous movement in space guided by GPS

Wanderer is a project by Jiri Heitlager & Jonas Hielscher (which I met last sunday). From what they explained me, it's an interesting location-based game. The main idea is very intriguing; it might lead to very curious patterns of movement in space:

The game Wanderer was developed during the CARGO WORKSHOPS 2005 in Oostende, Belgium. The theme of the workshop was to create an innovating game that uses Global Positioning System (GPS). The game Wanderer is played outside. The object of the game is that the player has to be in a continuous motion and has to respond to auditive signals provided through a headphone that is connected to the game system. Because the game is not mapped onto the coordinates of the physical space, it can be played in any location. The player is continuously confronted with the objects in public space functioning as game obstacles. In this way the game transforms the meaning of the physical object in public space.

Why do I blog this? I think it's a very simple game design that is very clever, I like this usage of technology to create weird kind of situations (like you receive order to get in certain direction but there are obstacles that you have to deal with).

More about it here.