Mapping Swizterland

Mapping Switzerland was an interesting exhibition by Hosoya Schaefer Architects, Zürich:

This exhibition curated by Pius Freiburghaus and organized by the Perforum at the Kulturzentrum Seedamm looks at maps, art and myths. It attempts at finding new ways to describe the identity of Switzerland ranging from the scientific to the artistic. Participants in the exhibition include the ETH Studio Basel, the ETH Institute of Cartography, Büro Destruct und Ursula Palla.

Hosoya Schaefer is showing eleven maps of Switzerland and its global context on 2m x 2m panels. With the panels leaning against the wall or propped up on wooden blocks, the installation alludes to the provisional and impermanent nature of the information on which these maps are based. Not an apodictic new ‘truth’ is searched for, but new ways of thinking. (...) Visualizations can help to propose new ways of thinking. They can help to see oneself not only in the historically grown context but also in the flux of globalization. We looked at a series of such factors. The graphic language of the maps, based on the density of information used in an atlas, is meant to go beyond the straightforward transfer of information and to evoke associations and open up space for fantasy.

There was also a nice article about it in the Weltwoche (pdf, 6.3Mb).

Why do I blog this? I like these visualizations that try to show things in a spatial way.