3D printing + RFID

Sherpa Design (a mechanical engineering services company specializing in design and product development, through 3D printing) and RFTrax have worked out this odd concept:

Project/Experience: RFID security system for shipping containers enclosure design and development

Working closely with the client's RFID and IR Supply Chain security technology group Sherpa Design has developed a number of enclosure and bracket assemblies that can be adapted to a variety of different applications. The housings can mount to the inside of most shipping containers used throughout the world as well as crates, mail bins, and other types of containers. These RFID Tags had to be environmentally rugged for the extreme conditions they experience during international transit.

Drawing on our experience with plastics, security systems, and sheet metal we delivered functioning prototypes for the client to be first to market with this new RFID technology. From conceptual models and prototypes (plaster and FDM), to detailed mechanical design, mold construction, and assembled working units for field trials, we helped them get there.

Sherpa Design continues to provide complete molded part and bracket assemblies and assist with their ongoing design and development programs.

I actually don't get the whole meaning of this... almost an instantiation of a spime? This company do 3D modeling/prototyping but I don't really get what they designed here with RFID tags, might be a tracking system for containers but is the RFID included in the object?